Campus Security

A Message about Campus Security from our Dean of Student Life

-Joe Carey


Union Bible College is committed to providing a friendly and safe environment in which to live and learn. Our campus is located in Westfield, Indiana, a small town just north of Indianapolis. Westfield has a small town atmosphere while being close to many big city services and also many ministry opportunities in the Indianapolis area. Our campus community has been an integral part of Westfield since 1861 when Union High was founded by the Friends Church.



Security is important on our campus. However, since Westfield to date has not been a high crime area we have enjoyed a measure of safety without sophisticated electronic measures. Our two main buildings do have alarm systems, all our main buildings have fire alarms, all of which are connected to an offsite monitoring company. Also, access to both dorms is controlled by electronic locks.

Reporting a Crime

Any safety emergencies should be reported directly to 911. Criminal activities and emergencies should also be reported as soon as possible to the Dean of Student Life in person or by telephone. The police and/or security officer will investigate the incident, document the information, and take appropriate action.
Report off-campus crime to the appropriate police department. Inform the Student Life Department of any off-campus incidents so that students and personnel may provide information or warnings to students and personnel.