Updated: Nov 12, 2019


Contemporary society places increasing challenges before servant-leaders entering ministry.Conventional categories of ministry are giving way to new multi-faceted types,which combine knowledge from several traditional fields. For instance, a missionary might need to teach or be a mechanic. A student may want to take the Bible and theology as well as ministry classes to help prepare him for ministry within his local church. To help meet these goals, Union Bible College offers three programs. The B.A. of Arts in Ministry allows for a student to take his general education classes and Bible and theology classes and to focus on a particular area of ministry. Along with the education that he receives from Union Bible College, students can transfer into the college forty hours of avocational or technical training from another college. The A.A. in Religion gives students the means to receive general education, Bible and theology, and ministry training from Union Bible College. They can further their education at another college in a vocational or technical fashion. The Ministry Program offers 3 certificates.


  1. Articulate the basic doctrines and Bible knowledge to assist in living a Christian life.

  2. Assimilate necessary ministry skills into a total concept of life.

  3. Demonstrate a proficiency in a vocational level of work.

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