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Changing The World With The Unchanging Word



Union Bible College has been providing students with a rich learning environment and a strong, godly atmosphere since 1911. Knowledge, hands-on experience, and commitment to the Word of God lie at the core of our approach. Our Faculty and Staff are both experts and practitioners, in their respective fields of ministry.  This challenges our students to "train in ministry" and encourages our Alumni to become a living legacy of their Alma Mater and of the Kingdom of God!



Our Event Calendar

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April 8th or April 22nd, 9AM - 9PM

April 13th - 15th

May 23rd - 28th 



Check out all the happenings here at Union Bible College. You’ll find out more about our latest programs and what we have coming up in the future. We also provide regular updates and information about our schedule, from class timetables to extracurricular activities.

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Since 1991, 83% of our BA graduates are involved in full time or part time ministry. More information about Placement in Employment is available at the Registrar’s office.



We would like to publicly thank our President, Adam Buckler, for his hard work, his wisdom, and his rational decision making to ensure Union Bible College is still operable while in the midst of this pandemic! Adam grew up in Olive Hill, Kentucky. He is a 2017 graduate from Columbia International University. He is happily married to his wife Stacey. They have 3 children together, Jacob, Hannah, and Andrew. Some of Adam's favorite hobbies include: singing, playing guitar, reading, and playing golf. For the past 7 years, Adam has dedicated his time and effort to the enhancement of UBC, while shaping young student's lives for the betterment of God's Kingdom!



The international pandemic of COVID-19 has produced many challenges for the student body of Union Bible College & Academy. We, in correspondence to government regulations, have suspended all on-campus activity and have converted to a strict online modality. However, such drastic measures have not caused our students to cease from being the world changers they are. They continue to participate in online events at UBCA, as well as within the broader Conservative Holiness Movement. Their “in ministry” training transcends these hallowed halls and they are being the Church Christ has commissioned us to be! 

Coming soon - a short video including testimonials and demonstrations of how UBCA students continue to Change the World with the Unchanging Word! 

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If your passion for learning exceeds your passion for souls, stop and pray until your passion for souls exceeds your passion for learning.

William Smith


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Union Bible College and Academy is a 501c3, not-for-profit, institution of Higher Christian Education. UBCA is deeply committed to financial excellence and aggressively cultivates streams of revenue. In addition to these efforts, the institution also relies on the continual contributions of others. Approximately 40% of UBCA's annual budget is resourced through the sacrificial giving of our donors. Individuals like you. Those that believe in our mission and share in our labor. We could never thank you sufficiently for the tremendous role you play. We would love to talk to you about the many ways to support UBCA, with your gift...large or small. Visit the contact page to speak to someone directly or conveniently click the link below to make a donation today.



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