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Bachelor of Arts

Intercultural Studies
Ministerial Studies
Pastoral Ministry
Vocational Ministry
Youth Ministry

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Associate of Arts

Business Administration
Child Evangelism
Christian Studies
Intercultural Studies
Organizational Leadership
Pastoral Ministry

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Bible Formation
Heritage Formation

Education Department


The curriculum leading to an Education degree is designed to provide both the theoretical knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge to prepare the graduate for the Christian school classroom. Student teaching is required for one semester during the senior year. Any young person majoring in Christian Education will learn various teaching methods, study curriculum planning, school organization, and administration on both the elementary and secondary levels. All education majors will study the different methods and materials available for child evangelism, as well as study the different principles used for classroom management and control. All seniors have the privilege of observing various classrooms at Union Bible Academy (ABEKA curriculum), an ACE School in the Noblesville, IN area, and a public school (Conventional) in the Sheridan, IN area.

Intercultural Studies Department


Missions at Union Bible College goes back to the early 1900’s when some young women from Union Bible Seminary felt the call of God to go to Bolivia. That small start back then has grown to over 600 churches encompassing three church organizations plus countless more churches that grew out of the influence of these. Realizing that missions has changed over the years, and that we cannot live in the past, we at Union Bible College are endeavoring with the Lord’s guidance to develop programs that will be relevant and at the same time Biblical.
Christ’s great commission to the church was to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. The need of fulfilling this commission has never been greater than it is today. Our Program of Intercultural Studies is designed to help prepare the student to meet this challenge by training him in pastoral and mission ministries. These courses acquaint the student with true-to-life situations and apply the Scriptures to each situation.

Ministerial Department


Solomon declared that “of making many books there is no end.” While it is impossible to become the master of every one of these books, it is the desire at Union Bible College to prepare each student to become the master of the most important book—the Bible.

This is accomplished through the Department of Ministerial Studies. We recognize the great responsibility society places upon the ministry today with its secularized learning, seductive language, and sensual lifestyle. Such a corrupt society demands from ministers “an answer to every man that asketh them a reason of the hope that is in them.” To give this answer we require each ministerial student to be thoroughly acquainted with the scriptures in principle and practice.

Music Department


The Music Department is designed to offer a quality education to those who have a genuine interest in ministering for Christ through Christian music. It is our firm belief that music was ordained by God to be a means of worship, edification, and enjoyment. Therefore, it is our strong desire to offer the finest possible music education so that the students will be able to develop their skills and be effective ministers wherever God calls them.

Vocational Ministry Department


Contemporary society places increasing challenges before servant-leaders entering ministry.Conventional categories of ministry are giving way to new multi-faceted types,which combine knowledge from several traditional fields. For instance, a missionary might need to teach or be a mechanic. A student may want to take the Bible and theology as well as ministry classes to help prepare him for ministry within his local church. To help meet these goals, Union Bible College offers three programs. The B.A. of Arts in Ministry allows for a student to take his general education classes and Bible and theology classes and to focus on a particular area of ministry. Along with the education that he receives from Union Bible College, students can transfer into the college forty hours of avocational or technical training from another college. The A.A. in Religion gives students the means to receive general education, Bible and theology, and ministry training from Union Bible College. They can further their education at another college in a vocational or technical fashion. The Ministry Program offers 3 certificates.

Online Programs

Union Bible College is developing an Online Program. This is an exciting endeavor for the college,and one in which will benefit the students. Our goal is to offer an educational alternative to those who feel a call into Christian service, but for one reason or another are unable to attend a traditional college setting.It is expected that all who enter this program have a personal relationship with Christ and that they live a life that bears witness to this experience


Online courses shall be available only to students in states for which UBC has proper authorization to offer online courses. Anyone desiring to apply for admission to the Union Bible College Online program should follow the instructions listed below. Provided he/she meets the requirements for admissions, a person of any gender, color, ethnic origin, or disability may be admitted to this program. However, each prospective student must give evidence of being a genuine Christian whose life is in harmony with the Scriptures and the UBC doctrinal statements. Any student failing to maintain a consistent Christian life,including the expression of proper Christian attitudes, may be asked to discontinue the program.The primary educational requirement for admission to the Union Bible College Online program is graduation from high school. This requirement may be met alternatively by achieving satisfactory scores on the General Education Development (GED) Test. For admission requirements, please see the Admission Section of the catalog. 

Financial Information:

For financial responsibilities see the Finances and Financial Aid Information section.Each course in the program offers three hours of college credit per course. (The cost is listed in the expense guide of the catalog. It will be your responsibility to provide the required textbook. (Arrangements can be made with Union Bible College’s bookstore to acquire the textbook if you so desire.)

Visiting Campus:

If you have not yet visited Union Bible College, we would like to cordially invite you to do so. As our honored guest, visiting campus will provide you with the opportunity to attend classes, visit chapel,receive a campus tour, and meet some of our faculty and staff.Call today and arrange your visit to UBC!


After you have been accepted, you will be assigned a professor who will grade your work and be available to assist you with any questions. If you are required to take a final exam in a course, it may be necessary to have a proctor. It is recommended that you seek the aid of your pastor (or in the case that you are a pastor, a fellow pastor). Someone else may be used upon approval of your professor. Staff at public libraries will often provide this service. No credit will be given for a partially completed course. The time limit for completion of the assigned work is one semester.The college is offering an BA in Pastoral Ministry degree that will be online.  As courses become available, a student may take the courses.


To maintain the academic integrity of Union Bible College and to assure that the Online Program is meeting the highest standards, the Academic Office will monitor the attendance for Online Students. If a student fails to log into their Online classes for two weeks in a row, they automatically fail the course. If a student fails to log into their Online classes for three weeks within a semester, they automatically fail the course. If a student is auditing an online class and does not comply to the above attendance criteria, they will not receive audit recognition on their transcript.

Online Student Goals:

An Online student from UBC should be able to:

  1. Articulate basic doctrines and Bible knowledge to assist in living a Christian life.

  2. Assimilate necessary ministry skills into a total concept of life.

  3. Demonstrate the ability to do college level work.

  4. Demonstrate the ability to grasp key instruction and concepts through correspondence classes.


If you have any questions concerning the admissions process or the ONLINE program, please call one of the following persons:

  1. Phil Hoard, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, at 317-509-1326

  2. John A. Whitaker, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, 1-317-896-9324, ext. 112


The B.A. in Pastoral Ministry offers a degree without the Greek. It combines both a Pastoral Ministry and Youth Ministry aspects to give the student a well-rounded education. A study of the principles and problems that comprise the pastoral experience. It involves a comprehensive survey of the various aspects of the pastor’s work,including his call, qualifications, preaching, pastoral tasks, personal life, and his relation to society.

To see the list of classes involved with the Online Pastoral Ministries B.A. check out the PDF document here

Certificate Programs

In an effort to reach the college-age students who have yet to settle on a degree or calling and to reach out to the adult learners who are unable to attend traditional college, Union Bible College has begun certificate programs to assist in learning enhancement. Union Bible College offers three certificates.

Biblical Formation

The Biblical Formation Program is offered by Union Bible College for developing competent
leaders in Bible knowledge. The courses may be taken through on- campus classes,
Online, 8-week intensives or one-week intensives. The program will consist of eight college
level courses.

Heritage Formation

The Heritage Formation Program is to help those students who come to Union Bible
College just for Bible, theology, and practical classes. A good number of students come with
a desire to know more about the Bible, doctrine, and practical ministry within their local
churches. Some want a solid basis in preparation for their studies in a secular college with
professors who are not friends of our beliefs or the Bible. The Heritage Formation Program
is a program for those students. Upon completion of this program of study, the student will
receive a Heritage Formation Certificate and may attend the graduation ceremony. The

Heritage Formation Program shall consist of core classes with three electives of the
students choosing.


The Laity Enrichment And Development (LEAD) Program is a program offered by Union Bible College in conjunction with a local church for the purpose of enriching and developing competent lay leaders. The program consists of five college-level courses.

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