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Traditional Classes
Fall 2023

Basic Conducting – L. Whitaker
Christian Beliefs – E. Black
Church Music Administration – J. Edwards
College Choir – L. Whitaker
College Math – TBA
Conducting I – J. Edwards
History of Missions – TBA
Hymnology – L. Whitaker
Intercession & Evangelism – J. Whitaker
Major Prophets – E. Black
Music Theory I – J. Edwards
Music Theory III – J. Edwards
Old Testament Survey – E. Black
Pentateuch I – E. Black
Philosophy and Worldview – J. Whitaker
Symphonic Band – J. Edwards
World Literature – S. Buckler

Online Classes Spring 2023

Christian Beliefs – E. Black
Daniel and Revelation – N. Black
English Composition I – R. George
English Composition II – R. George
General Psychology – N. McQuiston
History of Civilization – A. McQuiston
Instructional Media & Methods – J. Hopkins
Introduction to Counseling – N. McQuiston
Organizational Behavior – A. Buckler
Organizational Team Building – N. Thrasher
Principles of Finance – A. Buckler
Teaching Music in the Classroom – TBA
Teaching Science – E. Hopkins
Youth Programming – N. McQuiston


Evening Classes

Monday Evening

Hebrews – N. Black

Methods of Teaching – N. Thomas

Organizational Behavior – A. Buckler

Tuesday Evening

English Composition I – J. Buckler

Great Holiness Classics – T. Boyd

Pastoral Ministry – N. Shockley

Thursday Evening

Information Literacy – S. Buckler

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