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Future Students

A Message from the Vice President of Institutional Advancement

-Phil Hoard


Hello, thanks for stopping by the Union Bible College Web Site. It is great to have you visit us via the Web. In particular, thanks for stopping by the Public Relations & Admissions page!

You may ask, “Why UBC?” If you are interested in a Christ-centered and quality, Christian education Here are some practical reasons you should consider Union Bible College!

  • We offer Biblical training with a “Ministry Focus”. We have not lost our focus on ministry and on “Propagating Scriptural Holiness and Preparing Servant Leaders to Change the World with the Unchanging Word!” 

  •  Job Placement: Since 1995 87% of BA Graduates are in ministry today in their areas of study!! If they finish and graduate, the probability is very high for them to find a place of service in ministry related to their field of study! 

  • We offer a strong Biblical foundation through every course offered through our degree programs. Such an emphasis on Bible will help the students “grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ!”

  • This education is provided through teachers and instructors, who are qualified, experienced, and who genuinely care for the needs of the students. 

  • UBC has been known for its family atmosphere or environment on campus.

  • One thing that has marked Union Bible College for many years, and probably the most important thing about our campus, is its strong spiritual atmosphere and environment, whether it be through chapel services, revivals, classroom settings or even prayer & devotional meetings amongst the dorm students. 

These simple, yet powerful facts, and many other unique characteristics, are all reasons for you to prayerfully consider UBC for your future studies in higher education!

-Phil Hoard

Campus Visit?

Have you wondered what our campus looks like?

Would you like to see our campus facilities?

Do you wonder how big our dorm rooms are?

Would you like to see our classrooms?

If you answer “yes” to one or all of these questions, then a campus visit is for you. Campus visits alone take approximately 30-45 minutes and involve the history of our school and a tour of the campus. However, the ideal campus visit would involve going to our chapel service, eating lunch in the cafeteria, and at the completion of lunch begin the campus tour. This will take approximately two hours, but it will give you a feel of the campus and give you some student and staff/faculty interaction.

Campus visits can be arranged Tuesday – Friday during the hours of 8:00 A.M. To 4:00 P.M. Of course, if you need to make other arrangements and you need to schedule your visit on a Monday, during the weekend, or during the evening, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. There are several ways to schedule a campus visit. You can call the Public Relations Department at (317) 896-9324, ext. 155 or 156, you can email us at, or you can ask for a campus visit on our request information form. However you plan to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.


Union Bible College is dedicated to the training of people who are desirous of receiving a Christ-centered, Bible-oriented education.

UBC welcomes admissions applications from graduates of high school or its equivalency. Equivalency requirements may be met by a successfully completed GED test.

All applicants are encouraged to submit the results of either the ACT, the SAT of the College Entrance Examination Board, or the CLT.

Admissions of International Students:

  • UBC is authorized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to accept and enroll international, non-immigrant students.

  • Non-native speakers of English are also required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Scores must be above 500 (paper-based), 173 (computer-based), or 61 (Internet-based) before a student will be admitted.

  • Before a prospective student can secure a student visa, the US government requires that the student guarantee that the expenses will be paid.

For more information about admissions policies and international student admissions, please see pages 26-30 of the catalog.

Contact Us

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Disability Services

Students with Special Needs

Union Bible College strives to maintain a supportive environment which promotes the learning of all students, including students with special needs as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  UBC is committed to meeting its obligation to provide effective services to students with disabilities.  Such students should communicate their situations in advance to the Registrar’s Office for an evaluation of available appropriate accommodations.


Where is Union Bible College Located?

The campus of UBC is located in Indiana just north of the capital city of Indianapolis in the town of Westfield. The college is placed in a small town setting with the outside world at its fingertips. So if you like

  • The Small Town Atmosphere 

  • Big City Opportunities

  • Respectable Neighbors

– check us out!

If you would like directions to the campus, click on the About us in the Menu Tab.

How can I get more information on Union Bible College?

There are several ways that you can get more information about UBC.

You can contact the PR Department by telephone at (317) 896-9324, ext. 155 or 156,

You can email us any questions you may have at

Also, if our school is represented close by, whether it is at IHC, Youth Challenge, or a local church service, you can stop by our booth and we will try to answer any questions you have.

Lastly, if you fill out the information request card or fill out our online contact form, we will send you a packet with various items for your information.

Can I schedule a visit to Union Bible College?


The Public Relations Department at UBC would love to give you a tour of the campus. There are a couple of ways to do this.

One way includes attending our annual Preview Days, which puts the school on display for prospective students.

Also, if you are in the area and would like to see the campus facilities, you can either call to schedule a visit or just drop by and come to the PR Department!

What types of ministry opportunities are available in the area?

The students at UBC have several opportunities to minister in the local area, and our locale is a great blessing.

We have two inner-city ministries that work closely with the school,

Victory Inner-City Ministries

and Holiness Gospel Mission.

Both deal with the down and out people in the downtown city of Indianapolis.

There is a Spanish work in the inner city as well.

We have a personal witness team, and other things are on the rise in the area of ministry endeavors.

There is no end to the possibilities. If you are interested in ministry, we are interested in you!

What types of job opportunities are available in the area?

School bills are inevitable if you go to any Bible college. This area has many opportunities for the person that wishes to work off campus. Here is a short list:

  • United Parcel Service – located less than one hour from the campus

  • 2 daycare facilities within ten minutes

  • Wal-Mart within ten minutes

  • Multiple grocery stores within ten minutes

  • Every type of fast-food restaurant within ten minutes


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