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Introduction to the
Institutional Research  Department

Isabel Rundell

“To ensure we are doing what we say we are doing”

Union Bible College’s mission is to prepare servant leaders who are committed to the propagation of scriptural holiness and who change the world with the unchanging Word. The college is an organization with many operational units contributing, directly and indirectly, to ensure that students meet their higher education learning goals. Measuring the effectiveness of fulfilling these goals by assessing the quality of student learning experiences provides the decision-making data necessary to achieving success. To affect an institution-wide culture of positive change, it is essential that the Institutional Research Office assesses student learning with the goal of continuously improving the quality of the student’s learning experiences.
Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Statements exist for all academic programs and may be found below. 
Isabel Rundell
Director of Institutional Research


Since 1996 our enrollment has been gradually increasing! This year we have broken our previous enrollment record in the college!

enrollment trend 22.jpeg

Completion / Graduation rate

In compliance with the Student Right to Know Act, the college has determined that the Fall 2022 completion rate for full-time, first-time students was 27%.
Fall 2018-11%
Fall 2019-27%
Fall 2020-40%
Fall 2021-36%
Fall 2022-27%

completion graduation rates 22.png

Diversity Rate

Current Statistics show that our student body is 83% Caucasian, 14% Hispanic, 2% Black, and 1% Asian.  Additionally, the student body is 59% male and 41% female, of which 44% are full time students. Within our 2022-23 student body there are 10 church denominations represented.  50% are from independent or non-denominational churches.  Complete Enrollment Statistics can be requested from the Registrar’s Office.

2022 Diversity Rate

Retention Rates

In compliance with the Student Right to Know Act, the college has determined that the retention rate for full-time students from the Fall of 2021 to the Fall of 2022 is 71%. Further information is available in the following table.
Fall 2018-59%
Fall 2019-63%
Fall 2020-56%
Fall 2021-71%
Fall 2022-63%

retention 22.png


In 2022, the college has had 771 graduates. Since 1997, 82% of the college bachelor graduates entered ministries related to their undergraduate major.  More information about placement in employment is available in the Registrar's office.

placements 22.jpeg

An Evidence of Effectiveness report are Information or facts that are systematically obtained in a manner that is replicable, observable, credible and verifiable for use in making judgments or decisions. This evidence enables others to determine whether or not a program is achieving its intended outcomes.

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