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UBC Partners

Union Bible College & Academy is deeply dependent on its various partners, who enable the institution to fulfill its mission through the formation of its students.

UBCA Partners have stood with this organization throughout its rich history and enable us to look forward to an ever greater future. While the avenues for partnership are myriad and manifold, they can be generally placed in one of these three categories:

1. Provision

2. Presence

3. Prayer.

With nearly 40% of annual income derived from contribution, the necessity of financial partnership cannot be understated. UBCA wishes to keep student cost at a minimum and continue to enable our students to graduate DEBT FREE! Partners who support the institution with monetary provision are instrumental in achieving this.

There is nothing that enhances connectivity and commitment greater than your presence on the campus. When partners volunteer, support in campus activities, and visiting students, faculty, and staff, they become a living component of the World Changing that takes place at UBCA.

Ultimately, not all will be able to partner with us through provision or even presence. Alumni and others are spread across the globe bringing the Kingdom of God into view. This final means of partnership, however, is not the least, but the greatest! There is NO BETTER way to support UBCA than through your effectual fervent prayer!

Whether you are partnering with UBCA through your provision, presence, or prayer (and preferably through all three methods) we wish to thank you! Your role is crucial and deeply appreciated. If you would like to partner with us through one of the ways mentioned above, visit our Contact Us page for more specific details.



At Union Bible College we believe that God has a plan for our College both for today and for the future. God will use His people and their resources to fulfill His mission at UBC. God wants to be involved in our College as we train young people for full time ministry. Because we trust in His provision, we also believe that UBC’s greatest partnership need is that of prayer. Will you join us in a ministry of prayer and praise?

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